Fresh Market Fish and Seafood

  • Gamberoni all’aglio

    • £19.00

    King Prawns in garlic

  • Gamberoni Piccante

    • £20.00

    King prawns with fresh chili in a garlic and white wine sauce served on a bed of rice

  • Gamberoni alla provinciale

    • £20.00

    King prawns in tomato, garlic and white wine & pernod sauce served on a bed of rice

  • Salmone alla Vodka

    • £17.00

    Salmon with fresh Norwegian prawns in a vodka and cream sauce

  • Salmone al Pepe Nero

    • £16.00

    Pan fried fresh salmon with black pepper, lime and dill sauce

  • Gamberoni & cozze Bistro

    • £20.00

    King Prawns with mussels, sauted in olive oil, garlic, chili, parsley and white wine.